Welcome to The Femsplainers Podcast

Welcome to The Femsplainers Podcast

Danielle Crittenden Join author and journalist Danielle Crittenden for a weekly girls' night out with some of the most fascinating and fabulous women on the planet. She dishes on everything from #metoo and sex to, well, doing the dishes. No topic is off-limits - unless it’s boring. 

What is Femsplainers

It's smart, witty conversations on serious women-oriented topics in "not-the-usual-politics" way. Among many who have "femsplained" include Kathy Griffin, Candace Bushnell, Susan Rice, Tina Brown, Sandra Tsing Loh, Leah McSweeney, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Anne Applebaum.

Danielle Crittenden Danielle is the author of four books, including What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman, which resulted in Vanity Fair describing her as “one of the most important new thinkers about women and family.” Other works include a novel, AmandaBright@Home, the first modern work of fiction to be serialized in the Wall Street Journal. She’s also the co-author of a cookbook, From a Polish Country House Kitchen. A contributing editor to the Huffington Post, Danielle’s numerous articles and essays have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Daily Telegraph, among other publications.

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Season 10

Last Call for The Femsplainers: It's Our Final Episode!

After nearly four years and more than 150 podcasts, we've decided to shut down the bar. Original c-splainer Christina Hoff Sommers joins Danielle for reminiscences of favorite episodes and guests, how their views and politics have evolved, and what they'll do next. Cheers, everyone.

The Mistakes We Make Ruling on Human Nature: A Judge Speaks Out

From bitter custody battles to killer teens to the psychotic homeless, retired California Supreme Court Judge LaDoris Cordell has seen it all. She shares many of her more alarming stories and tells Danielle how our justice system can do better. 

It's Our Holiday Party! With Some of Our Favorite Guests...

Danielle hosts a holiday party with Christina Hoff Sommers, Molly Jong Fast, and Sandra Tsing Loh ... who brought along a can of gelatinous salmon loaf. Who doesn't love canned gelatinous salmon loaf?! Pour us another drink -- and see you in the New Year!

All I Want for Christmas Is You: Facing the Holidays When You’ve Lost Someone

Just as the number of pandemic-related deaths is receding, the number of gun-related deaths is rising. Summer Geimar's mother was killed trying to rescue her colleagues during the attack on the Annapolis Capital Gazette; Sari Kauffamn survived the Parkland, FL shooting but lost friends. The two young women share their stories with Danielle in the hope they might serve as a Ghost of Christmas Future warning to us all. PLUS: Pastor Lorenzo Neal, who's own mother was murdered when he was 5, offers hope and counsel to everyone who is grieving through the holidays.

When Women Abuse Men: It's Real So Why Don't We Talk About It?

Therapist and author Ann Silvers, who specializes in the domestic abuse of men, reveals to Danielle that it's more widespread than you think. And it's not just physical. PLUS: Andrew Sullivan and Christina Hoff Sommers join for a cocktail (and a blunt) up top, in a snippet from the Femsplainers' recent appearance on the Weekly Dish. 

Capote's Women: The High Society "Swans" He Loved and Betrayed

Babe Paley, CZ Guest, Lee Radziwill -- these wealthy, beautiful socialites defined an era and shared a friend in celebrated writer Truman Capote. Bestselling author Laurence Leamer takes us into their world and tells Danielle how Capote ultimately exposed its shallow brutality. PLUS: It's THAT time of the month for listener feedback!

Becoming Bari Weiss: Was She Always This Way?

In an intimate and far-ranging conversation with Danielle, the former NYTs editorial writer  describes her journey from nerdy Jewish girl to major thought leader. PLUS The Atlantic's David Frum joins up top to talk turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Great Resignation: Why Are Women Not Going Back to Work Post-Pandemic?

Nearly 1.8 million women have dropped out of the labor force since 2020. Danielle speaks to two business leaders, including Delivering Happiness' CEO Jenn Lim, about WHY they don't want to return -- and what businesses (and women themselves) can do to seize this moment of reckoning to improve their lives.

Girls, Guns & Grift: The Sexy Russian Spy Who Infiltrated the NRA

Mansplainer Tim Mak, author of Misfire: Inside the Downfall of the NRA, reveals how the male-run gun lobby was captured by a 20-something honey trap. PLUS: Shannon Watts, the pistol behind Moms Demand Action, warns women their guns aren't keeping them safe. At all.

I'm Tiger Mom, Hear Me Roar: Amy Chua Claws Back at Her Critics

It's been a decade since Amy Chua's seismic book, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom, was published. The star Yale law professor reveals to Danielle how that tough parenting worked out --  and why she remains undaunted by the students and colleagues who keep trying to cancel her. PLUS: Christina Hoff Sommers joins the cocktail segment to riff on the Dave Chapelle special and more.

Even Witches Are Woke?! It's Our Hallowe'en Special!

The last in a line of Bohemian witches, Veronica Varlow now teaches spellcasting to celebrities and at corporate retreats. She explains to Danielle what it means to be a witch today. PLUS: It's That Time of the Month! Our intern Natasha Panepinto joins to share our listener reaction for October. 

The World of Eartha Kitt, a Daughter's View PLUS Why Couples Cheat

Legendary singer Eartha Kitt survived a harrowing childhood as the daughter of a raped sharecropper. Her own daughter, Kitt Shapiro, has written a compelling and loving memoir of her mother that highlights, among many important truths, the importance of rejecting identity politics. PLUS: Podcaster Jillian Hamilton offers intriguing insights on infidelity.

The Decade When Adults Went Rogue: It’s Our 70s Show!

The 70s are remembered for the sexual revolution and the women’s movement, but rarely are these events told from a child’s view. Erika Schickel has written a powerful, painfully personal memoir of the time when moms and dads took a pass on parenting to live for themselves. PLUS: The Atlantic's David Frum, who wrote a definitive history of the '70s, joins Danielle for a cocktail up top to explain why everything seemed to be going to hell when they were both kids. 

The New Puritans: The Return of the Scarlet Letter

Pulitzer-prize winning historian Anne Applebaum explains to Danielle why those whose behavior doesn't adapt fast enough to the new cultural norms face swift and merciless judgment. PLUS: Tina Nguyen, a star columnist of the new website Puck, talks about her journey from right-wing extremist to chronicler of the right.

2+2 = You're Oppressing Me: It's Our Back-To-School Special!

The politicization of college campuses is now happening in lower and secondary schools. FIRE's Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder, author of "Undoctrinate," tells Danielle how parents can recognize it and deal with it.  PLUS: Christina Hoff Sommers joins the cocktail segment to discuss "wokefestation," debauched Royals, and the decline in male applications to college.

What if Mother Nature Used He/Him Pronouns?

The trend to define one's sex by "gender identity" and not biology is leading to the erasure of women's rights on many important fronts, argues The Economist's Helen Joyce. But, as she warns Danielle, few dare to challenge this radical re-definition of what it means to be a woman (or man). PLUS: Is the Taliban 2.0 ready to take on the empowered women of Afghanistan? The Council on Foreign Relation's Gayle Tzemach Lemmon says: maybe not. She joins Danielle for a glass of wine at the top of the podcast.

Is Jeffrey Epstein's Greatest “Victim” Ghislaine Maxwell?

Investigative journalist Vicky Ward reveals to Danielle that Epstein's mistress and alleged procurer of underage girls may, astonishingly, play the victim card when she goes on trial this fall for sex trafficking. Ward takes us inside Epstein & Maxwell's sordid, shadowy world on our season opener PLUS: The Atlantic's Caitlin Flanagan joins Danielle up top for a cocktail-fueled bitch session on cancer shaming and Canadian vacations (but wait, she loves Tim Horton's!)

Season 9

Biology IS Destiny -- But That Shouldn't Doom Us to Inequality

In a groundbreaking new book, Harvard evolutionary biologist Dr. Carole Hooven reveals the far-reaching effects of testosterone on gender, sex, sports, relationships, and many more aspects of our everyday lives. But she says why we should celebrate these differences rather than decry or ignore them. PLUS: Danielle shares your listener reaction in this season finalé before we break for summer.

Are You Too Quick to React On Social Media? You May Be the Problem...

Disinformation. Trolling. Conspiracies. Social media pile-ons. Campus intolerance. Call it what you will but together they are a multi-front challenge to America’s ability to distinguish fact from fiction and elevate truth above falsehood. Jonathan Rauch joins Danielle to discuss what we can do about it, based on his new book "The Constitution of Knowledge: A Defense of Truth." PLUS: Caitlin Flanagan dishes on women, dating, and more on THAT interview with Nancy Jo Sales.

“I Don't Need More Gadgets or BBQ Tools!” : It's Our Father's Day Special

Why are men -- and fathers in particular? -- so hard to find gifts for? Top mansplainer David Frum answers this eternal dilemma -- and also "hints" to Danielle what men REALLY want. PLUS: Author Matt Feeney discusses how competition is killing the joys of parenting and childhood, based on his new book, "Little Platoons."

The Female Warriors Who Defeated ISIS

Faced with enslavement and worse, these Kurdish women escaped traditional families to take up arms and battle ISIS town by town, street by bloody street. Bestselling author Gayle Tzemach Lemmon shares with Danielle their remarkable stories, as told in her new book "The Daughters of Kobani." PLUS: Co-Splainer  Christina Hoff Sommers joins up top to dish on THAT trainwreck interview with Nancy Jo Sales.

Are Dating Apps to Blame For the Death of Romance & Courtship?

Vanity Fair's Nancy Jo Sales thinks so. She joins Danielle to discuss her new book, Nothing Personal: Inside the Dating App Inferno -- before the interview itself goes up in flames. PLUS: Millennial singleton Miranda Frum shares her amusing and insightful experiences with the apps.

“Mom, I'm Trans.”

In the second part of our two-part series "When Sons Become Daughters" two mothers tell Danielle how they have handled the sudden news from their teenage boys that they believe they are, in fact, girls.

When Sons Become Daughters: Part One

What is behind the sudden spike of teenage boys seeking to become girls? In the first of a two-part series, Quillette's Angus Fox plus a now-adult trans woman, Corinna Cohn, reveal the true causes of this anguishing new trend.

The Bikini Baristas Last (Coffee) Stand: Why Should Women's Breasts Be Treated Differently Than Men's?

The 9th Circuit will soon decide the fate of Everett, WA's controversial servers. They argue the 14th Amendment protects their right to serve double espressos topless. Evolutionary biologist Heather Heying joins Danielle for a fascinating discussion of why women's breasts have sexual purposes in addition to their feeding function. But is patriarchy to blame? Or that prude Mother Nature? (And by the way, should we leave room for cream and sugar?)

We Love You But Please Don't Bring Us Burnt Waffles: It's Our Mother's Day Special!!

Comedian Sandra Tsing Loh joins Danielle at the top of the show to air a litany of maternal grievances. PLUS: Writer Zibby Owens discusses her new pandemic anthology based on her popular "Moms Don't Have Time To..." series, and reflects on a year of her own personal loss.

Your Mommy Brain Is Real & More New Science on Motherhood

Women don't just transform but undergo biological re-wiring when they become mothers, reveals bestselling author Abigail Tucker. She joins Danielle to discuss her latest book, "Mom Genes: Inside the New Science of Our Ancient Maternal Instinct." PLUS: Your comments (and criticisms, ouch) from April!

Poor Grievances & A Funeral:  It's Our Royal Special!!!

British author, journalist, and insider Rachel Johnson (yes, also sister to Boris) joins Danielle for a right royal gossip in the wake of Prince Philip's funeral: The prodigal grandson returns, can the monarchy survive Wokeness, Meghan & Harry's squandered opportunities, and wait...did you just say the Queen told Meghan to keep acting?! 

It's Still My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To

Sarah Longwell's political journey took her from a conservative raised in Trump country to a top GOP strategist and openly gay Republican. She broke with the GOP over Trump's election but has spent the past three years researching why her party changed -- and what it bodes for the future. PLUS: Meghan Cox Gurdon discusses mask etiquette, the Woke war on classics, and more with Danielle over a glass of wine at the top of the show.

How to Be an Adult

Think Millennials have problems growing up? Let us introduce you to Gen Z... NYT Best-selling author Julie Lythcott-Haims joins Danielle to explain why the younger generation is having such a tough time with Adulthood 101. PLUS: Christina Hoff-Sommers stops by for a glass of wine to discuss, among other things, octopus sex.

Wait, Grandpa Was a Nazi?!

Journalist Silvia Foti was told her whole life that her Lithuanian grandfather was a war hero -- until she began investigating a "rumor" that would eventually lead her to the shocking truth. Pulitzer-Prize winning historian Anne Applebaum joins Danielle to offer background on European collaboration. PLUS: Our listeners had a lot to say about boobs.

Inside the Corrupt Crazy World of College Admissions

The Varsity Blues scandal only seemed shocking if you were unaware of how rotten the system was already. Author Nicole Laporte and The Atlantic's Caitlin Flanagan reveal to Danielle how vast sums of money, hyper-competitive elites, lavish private schools, and rigged admissions made a con man like Rick Singer possible. 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Is the New Wave of Migrants a Threat to Western Feminism?

The global women's rights activist joins Danielle and Muslim author Irshad Manji in a provocative conversation about the brutal challenges to women's rights posed by migrants from cultures that discriminate against women, based on her new book Prey.

I Shocked My Left-Wing Family by Becoming a Cop

Most mid-life crises don't go this way. Successful law professor and mother of two Rosa Brooks -- daughter of famous feminist Barbara Ehrenreich -- shocked her family (and herself) when she decided to become a D.C. cop. Brooks chats with Danielle about her new memoir, "Tangled Up in Blue: Policing the American City" which brings an insider view of the challenges cops face day to day, especially when it comes to race and poverty.

How to Transform Your Sex Life

Whether you are 18 or 85, there's no reason you shouldn't be having great sex, says Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, director of the largest sexual health center in the country. She dispels many myths about female sexuality and offers practical tips from her new book "Sex Points" -- while Danielle tries hard not to blush. 

Can You Please Talk to My Face? (It's Our BOOB Episode!)

After being size AA to DDDD, through breast envy, breastfeeding, breast implants, and breast cancer, author Leslie Leher realized she’s obsessed with breasts. Turns out, she’s not alone. She joins Danielle to discuss her new book, "A Boob's Life." PLUS: If they're canceling vaginas, are boobs next?

How to Find Love (Even in a Pandemic!)

Superstar dating coach Evan Marc Katz returns for our Valentine's Day Special with fabulous tips to help you find The One. He also tells Danielle how Covid dating plays to women's advantage.

You Make Me Feel Like An Unnatural Woman

Lesbians are vanishing as more women are coming out as non-binary or as men, podcaster Katie Herzog tells Danielle & guest co-splainer Christina Hoff Sommers. It's part of the larger trend among women to deny their biological sex in favor of gender fluidity.

Co-Existing With Conspiracy Theorists

Millions of Americans still believe the election was stolen and sympathize with the Capitol insurrection. Maybe they are your friends, neighbors, and family. Pulitzer-Prize winning historian Anne Applebaum joins Danielle to discuss what other societies have done to overcome extreme political divisions -- and how we can apply those methods to our own relationships.

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Was the assault on the Capitol driven in part by pent-up, angry masculinity? The Atlantic's Caitlin Flanagan joins Danielle to discuss the Boys-Gone-Wild aspects of January 6. PLUS: A listener asks, Should I get a boob job? 

Season 8

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Victim?! It's Our Holiday Special!

Is the beloved reindeer's story too bleak for modern children? Caitlin Flanagan thinks so, while co-splainers Irshad Manji & Meghan Cox Gurdon defend the legacy of the nasally-challenged flying quadruped.  Meanwhile Danielle admits to being  "elf-curious." Yeah, a lot of spiked eggnog went into the creation of this one. 

Should the Suffragists be Canceled?

The 100th anniversary of women obtaining the right to vote recently passed with calls to knock Susan B. Anthony et al off their pedestals for being racists. Christina Hoff Sommers joins Danielle to defend their legacy -- and to chat with artist Meredith Bergmann, whose new Central Park sculpture "Women's Rights Pioneers" raises them right back up. 

Uncrowned! The Real Story Behind Your Favorite Royal Characters

Lord Charles Moore, official biographer of Margaret Thatcher, joins Danielle & Meghan Cox Gurdon to reveal what is true and what is false about the hot Netflix series, "The Crown." PLUS he offers candid insights into what has gone wrong between Meghan and the Royals.

THANKSGIVING SPECIAL: Peggy Noonan & Leon Wieseltier on Getting Along

Whether you're celebrating via Zoom or in person, these two great minds address the urgent theme of this pandemic-y post-election holiday. As Danielle observes, your Trumpian Uncle & Woke Cousin are still coming to the table.

“My Son is No Sex Offender”

He is mentally disabled. He was talked into exposing himself privately. Now he's on the Sex Offender Registry for life. And he's not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of others who should not be on the registry, including children. Emily Yoffe joins Danielle, sociologist Emily Horowitz, and a mom whose family has been destroyed by the registry.

Gender Bender: Debunking Myths About Sex & Identity

"Biology deniers" may be the new climate sceptics, says neuroscientist and author Dr. Debra Soh. She warns Danielle & Meghan Cox Gurdon that ignoring science will only worsen the environment for all women. PLUS we finally learn what a "moon gender" is!

Election Special: Can Our Marriage Be Saved?

The gender gap is at an all-time high -- not just in the polls but our households. The New Yorker's Susan Glasser & GQ's Julia Ioffe join Danielle to discuss. PLUS a Trump-supporting husband reveals the issues he's having with his Trump-loathing wife.

From Vogue & Park Avenue to Prison

Lady Barbara Amiel Black had it all, until she didn't. She joins Danielle & Caitlin Flanagan to discuss her brutally honest new memoir, "Friends & Enemies." 

Melania & Me Part Two: “Safety The Trumps Ruined My Life”

Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff reveals to Danielle and co-splainer Julia Ioffe why she decided to record -- and release -- damaging personal conversations with the First Lady. PLUS: The rivalry with Ivanka, and more. 

Melania & Me Part One: From Obscure Catalogue Model to Vogue Cover Girl

"Melania didn't really have friends." "She knew what she was getting in Donald." Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff spills the tea on her 15-year friendship with the First Lady to Danielle and co-splainer Julia Ioffe of GQ. 

Dead Broke Dads

Actor Greg Ellis has gone from battling pirate Jack Sparrow in the movies to fighting for father's rights in real life.  Following his own heartbreaking custody battle, Greg reveals to Danielle & co-splainer Caitlin Flanagan just what a horror show our family court system has become for men.

Why Mean, Obnoxious People Lose

Turns out being nice is a better evolutionary strategy than being a jerk, according to Vanessa Woods, co-author with Brian Hare of the bestselling, The Genius of Dogs. She joins Danielle & Irshad Manji to discuss their latest book, Survival of the Friendliest (Spoiler: We can learn a lot from dogs.) 

Why You're Not Meeting Prince Charming

Covid sure makes dating difficult -- but it might offer the perfect chance to review and improve your love game. Dating coach Evan Mark Katz reveals the common mistakes made by otherwise successful single women. PLUS: Danielle & Meghan Cox Gurdon air their dispute over the controversial film "Cuties."

The Unexpected Gift of Covid: How the Pandemic Is Transforming Childhood

Despite being holed up and doing class work via Zoom, boredom has helped kids grow and gain independence through the pandemic, according to our guest Lenore Skenazy, founder of the  Let Grow Foundation. Meghan Cox Gurdon joins Danielle as co-splainer to discuss surprising findings of new research.

Bonfire of the Insanities with Bari Weiss

The brilliant ex-NYT's journalist joins Danielle & co-splainer Caitlin Flanagan for a lively, gossipy, and provocative season opener.

Season 7

The Madwoman and the Roomba

Best-selling author Sandra Tsing Loh wonders why her journey through middle-age is defined by clutter and dead mice rather than sandy beaches and luxury cruises. She urges Danielle and co-splainer Meghan Cox Gurdon to explore their inner goddesses, who may turn out to be named Karen.

Has #MeToo Become Just Another Puritanical Moral Panic?

Author and Nation contributor Joann Wypijewski joins Danielle and co-splainer Emily Yoffe to discuss how the movement simplifies the complexity of sexual politics into good and evil. PLUS: Emily offers her guide to the "taxonomy of cancellation." Continuing our Summer Author Series.

Why Did Our Friends Go Mad?

Anne Applebaum & David Frum once clinked glasses with Tucker Carlson, Viktor Orban & many others who've since turned to the dark side. Now, in our continuing summer author series, they discuss with Danielle what went wrong with their old friends.

Sexual Obsession, Bad Boys, & Female Lust in the Age of Woke

What happens when a young woman's libido clashes with her politics? Daphne Merkin & Meghan Daum join Danielle in our ongoing summer author series. PLUS: Merkin reveals what Ronan Farrow would prefer you didn't know.

Why Are So Many Girls Becoming Boys?

From injecting testosterone to undergoing double mastectomies, choosing to be "trans" is the new bulemia among thousands of young women, author Abigail Shrier tells Danielle and guest co-splainer Caitlin Flanagan.

The REAL Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

An affair with Jack Nicholson. Advice from Audrey Hepburn. Parties with Joan Didion. Susanna Moore, author of the new memoir "Miss Aluminum," regales Danielle and guest co-host Caitlin Flanagan with stories of her time at the center of celebrity in the 1960s & 1970s. Our season finale!

David Frum Gets Personal

The Atlantic contributor and author of the new book "Trumpocalypse" veers away from politics to reflect on the cultural issues ravaging the country as well as his own journey as a writer, thinker, father, and yes -- husband to co-splainer Danielle.  

Is Joe Biden Caught in His Own Sex Trap?

The Atlantic's Emily Yoffe, The Bulwark's Mona Charen, and Harvard Law Professor Janet Halley join Danielle to discuss Tara Reade, Title IX, "Believe Women" double standards, and more. 

Mrs. America

The longstanding feud between married mothers and feminists has its origins in the battle over the Equal Rights Amendment of the early 1970s, as depicted in the new Hulu series starring Cate Blanchett. The Atlantic's Caitlin Flanagan and ERA opponent Phyllis Schalfly"s daughter, Anne, join Christina and Danielle to debate the series' importance ... and inaccuracies.

What Do YOU Miss?

Bestselling novelist Emily St. John Mandel ("Station Eleven") joins Pulitzer-prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum, the WSJ's Meghan Cox Gurdon, and Danielle to discuss coping with the ongoing pandemic, Mandel's latest novel, and more. 

Getting Personal With Dave Rubin

The "Rubin Report" host opens up to Christina & Danielle about living political and sexual lies, touring with Jordan Peterson, and more from his new book "Don't Burn This Book." PLUS the upside of quarantine, COVID fantasies, and more. 


The award-winning comedian joins Christina, Danielle, and the Daily Beast's Molly Jong-Fast to riff on social isolation, Louis CK & cancel culture, the Sussexes in exile, and more.

Strong Women, Bad Men

Why are so many successful women attracted to abusers and philanderers? Katie Roiphe joins Christina & Danielle to discuss her new book "The Power Notebooks" to discuss this and other sexual imbalances.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

With Danielle & Christina now recording from home bunker studios, they are joined virtually by Atlantic writer John Tierney, who offers important advice about how not to tank your relationships in quarantine.

Season 6

Guess Who's NOT Coming:

White women pay Regina Jackson & Saira Rao $2500 to be told over dinner why they're racist. Christina & Danielle offered cocktails. It didn't go well. PLUS: Self-isolating blues and more.

I Was Falsely Accused of Rape

Stephen Elliott is the first cancelled man to fight back. In this EXCLUSIVE interview he tells  Christina & Danielle why he launched a libel suit against the creator of the Sh**ty Media Men list. PLUS: Viral fears, forgotten feminists, and more.

Decadence? We're For It!

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat joins Danielle & Christina to discuss his new book, The Decadent Society: How We Became the Victims of Our Own Success. PLUS: Inside the Harvey Weinstein verdict with intrepid journos Phelim McAleer & Ann McElhinney. 

Don't Label Any of Us

The irrepressible Irshad Manji joins Christina & Danielle for a raucous conversation ranging from Elizabeth Warren's bro problem to woke Sports Illustrated models to dogs & dogma, and more. 

What If Harvey Weinstein Wins?

It was supposed to be the Me Too Movement's  trial of the century -- but is it possible Weinstein will walk free? And will feminists punish his "traitor" female defense attorney? Christina & Danielle hash over all the repercussions as the jury debates his fate.

Valentine's Day Special!

Who knows more about staying in love than a divorce lawyer? Author & attorney James Sexton shares what he's learned from his 1,000+ divorce cases with Christina & Danielle. PLUS: A surprise guest crashes the studio, Danielle admits she suffers from a rare disorder, and more.

It's Our Monthly Cocktail Party!

The Atlantic's Emily Yoffe & The WSJ's Meghan Cox Gurdon join Christina & Danielle for a wine-fuelled gossip about new corporate etiquette, "trad wives," why the Cat in the Hat should be cancelled, and much more.

Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore

The Atlantic's Judith Shulevitz tells Danielle & guest host Mona Charen how our overburdened schedules are taking a dire toll on American society. PLUS: Quilting injustices and why girls are being "shortchanged" on pockets. Really

Lean Out

Everything you think you know about how to succeed in the workforce as a woman is wrong, according to author Marissa Orr. PLUS: Christina & Danielle on Megxit, freeing nipples, vagina candles, and taking edibles together.

We're Femsplainers, Hear Us Roar ... into the Roaring 2020s!

Season 6 debuts with a surprise visit from Christina's new boss, AEI President Robert Doar, while Danielle hastily tries to hide the champagne bottles. We're up to new antics -- which hopefully don't include getting fired.

Season 5


Susan Rice joins Christina & Danielle for a festive glass of wine and a remarkably candid conversation about the private side of her very public life -- from growing up in D.C. amidst race riots to fending off Putin's advances as National Security Adviser.  PLUS: Why Jews do Christmas better, and more holiday fun. 

It's a Holiday Cocktail Party!

The Atlantic's Caitlin Flanagan & Pulitzer-Prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum join Christina & Danielle for our first new, fun monthly "cocktail" episode. 

Fast Talking

Journalist Molly Jong-Fast joins Christina & Danielle for a far-ranging & fun gossip session on Lisa Page's presidential pushback, the gender thermostat wars, THAT Peloton ad, and more. 


A nation may be divided out there, but in here we're strictly non-partisan when it comes to white vs. dark meat & deep fried vs. roasted. PLUS: Christina and Danielle host Pauline Brown, author of Aesthetic Intelligence, who is all about making everything more beautiful, meaningful ... and a better Black Friday shopping experience.

Overdosed America

Dr. Sally Satel spent the past year at ground zero of the opioid crisis in a small Appalachian town. She reports to Danielle & Christina what she found. PLUS: Is vaping really so bad, down and out on cheap sherry, and more!

Woke Me When It's Over

The awesome Meghan Daum joins Christina & Danielle to discuss her new book "The Problem With Everything: My Journey Through the New Culture Wars." PLUS Why drinking is good for your brain, 'Ok Boomer' warfare, and, er, um, vaginas.

Baby, It's Not Cool Outside

It's that woke time of year again! Christina & Danielle brace for the oncoming holiday season, bemoan the new PC ending to My Fair Lady, take you behind the scenes at the recent Politicon in Nashville & MUCH MORE. 

In Defense of Elitism, Manhood, and Everything Else That Triggers You

Danielle & Christina in conversation with author Joel Stein recorded live at Politicon 2019 in Nashville. 

Eye On The Storm

Legendary Washington correspondent Elizabeth Drew has covered 12 presidents and 2 impeachments. Over a glass of champagne, she regales Christina & Danielle with stories from her fascinating career. PLUS wedding porn, Millennial misery, dog owner happiness, and much more.

When Good Women Fall for Bad Presidents

CNN's Amanda Carpenter, author of Gaslighting America: Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us, explores conservative women's fatal attraction to Donald Trump and more with Christina and Danielle. 

Regrets, We've Had a Few

A seemingly consensual, one-night sexual encounter would later destroy the life and career of Jonathan Kaiman. The Atlantic's Emily Yoffe reviews the events of that fateful evening -- and prompts a wider discussion with Danielle & Christina about whether such cases will erode the credibility of #metoo. 

Toxic Femininity

What is it and how does it manifest itself?  Danielle & Christina explore the mean sister to Toxic Masculinity in friendships, relationships, and sex. Meanwhile guest Ginny Hogan, author and stand-up comedian, argues we need more of it in the tech world.

Hollywood & Vino

Atlantic contributor Caitlin Flanagan joins Danielle & Christina in a sketchy LA studio to gossip about bad dates, crazy exes, #metoo excesses & her favorite party game: Which Valley of the Dolls "doll" are you?

Is There Still Sex in the City?

Candace Bushnell, bestselling author and creator of Sex & the City, regales Christina & Danielle with stories of the wilds and lows of dating after fifty, including getting naked and "cubbing."

Season 5 Debut:

Christina & Danielle catch up after a summer apart. While Danielle fled to Canada, Christina cops to becoming a shut-in Twitter addict. Now they’re back and ready to solve the world — over cocktails of course. 

Season 4

Season 4 Finalé

Podcast is getting ready to break for the summer! But not before Christina & Danielle dispute the women's soccer "pay gap," question millennial sex habits, and own up to being "white feminists." PLUS: Zoe bids a fond farewell by bringing up -- again! -- those private lady parts.

The Lost Language of Sexual Intimacy

Literary goddess Erica Jong joins daughter & journalist Molly Jong-Fast to discuss the growing cold war between men and women, celebrity child-rearing, famous mentors, and, well, everything else with Christina & Danielle.


Andrew Sullivan, legendary gay rights pioneer & journalist, explains why he is being driven out of the movement by extreme trans activists 50 years after Stonewall. PLUS: Christina & Danielle on beauty magazine "realism," the sex lives of "Furries" and more!

Sam Harris on Love, Marriage & Breaking Bad Habits

Yeah, we got the famed podcaster and neuroscientist off that metaphysical stuff and got him talking about his personal life. PLUS: Christina & Danielle tell you what not to put you know where. 

Confessions of a Former Playboy Advice Columnist

Writer and comedienne Bridget Phetasy earned her wisdom the hard way. After years of partying and blackout sex, she's now sober -- and wickedly funny and wise. She spills her journey to Christina & Danielle. PLUS: What does it mean to be "ready" for love?

Who Ya Gonna Call?

If your kid is accused of sexual misconduct, cheating, or worse, you better call crisis counselor Hanna Stotland. She tells Christina & Danielle how she's managed to help even the toughest cases get a second chance. PLUS a debate over "weed tampons" and more. 

Blissfully Blended B.S.

Bestselling author Rebecca Eckler spills on the dark side(s) of forming stepfamilies. PLUS: Christina's Twitter wars with celebrities, Danielle's decision to be honest about mucous, and more.


How do you survive a social media mob? Helen Andrews was a "pioneer" in having her life ruined online. She tells Christina & Danielle how she recovered and came back. PLUS: Where are the intellectual conservative women? And is a Snapchat filter anti-trans?

Not-So-Golden Couple

Bestselling author Vicky Ward takes us inside the ambitious and corrupt worlds of New York high society & family real estate empires as revealed in her new book "Kushner, Inc." PLUS: Take off your Handmaid's Tale costumes protestors! Christina & Danielle warn that recent extreme anti-abortion legislation isn't simply about gender warfare.


A star-studded array of Femsplainer guests, including Tina Brown, Emily Yoffe, Leah Mcsweeny, Mandy Stadtmiller and more return to celebrate our first birthday with Christina and Danielle and launch the fourth season.

Season 3

Can We Please Get a Life?

Why do we emphasize female success as measured in time spent at the office vs our own quality time? Danielle & Christina discuss this, "ecosexuals," and much more in the Season 3 finale.

Are you tight or loose?

Knowing which can solve your problems -- and the world's. Author Michele Gelfand joins Danielle and guest co-splainer Meghan Cox Gurdon to discuss her new book "Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire Our World," over a cosmo (or three).

How to Talk to People You Hate

Take two breaths and listen to renowned activist Irshad Manji discuss her new book "Don't Label Me: An Incredible Conversation for Divided Times" with Christina & Danielle. PLUS Fake Travel Warnings, "Jewel Stools" & more.

Good Sheila, Bad Feminist

Christina regales Danielle with tales of her travel Down Under debating Roxane Gay; meanwhile Danielle eats ant larvae in Mexico City. It was quite a spring break!

High & Low with David Brooks

The NYT's columnist and bestselling author reveals how to lead a better life to Christina & Danielle, previewing his new book, The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life. PLUS man boobs, students demanding fabric softener, and more.

SJWs Called Me Racist and Destroyed My Career

But they didn't destroy me. Biologist Heather Heying reveals to Christina & Danielle how she and her husband Bret Weinstein are fighting back after they were forced to leave Evergreen State College by radicalized mobs. PLUS wife controlling apps & more.

From Russia Without Love

The incredibly journey of GQ's Julia Ioffe, from Soviet refugee to star journalist and scourge of Melania Trump. Meanwhile, Danielle worries that Christina is becoming a Twitter shut-in.

Burning Down the House

Olivia Nuzzi is on fire! New York magazine's Washington correspondent dishes to Christina & Danielle on what it's really like to cover the White House. PLUS Izzy disrupts the podcast, gross new emojis, and more.

The Alienated American Male

Why are so many men turning off, tuning out, and dropping out? Christina & Danielle explore this disturbing trend with Timothy Carney, author of the new book "Alienated America." PLUS men's revenge on VDay & more. 


Is it "New Year's Eve with nuclear weapons?" as surprise guest David Frum asserts to Christina and Danielle? Worst VDay fails, talking vaginas, walking penises, and much MUCH more.

Meet the Intellectual Blonde Web

Sure, we may have dark roots -- but Danielle & Christina have an otherwise stimulating conversation with Claire Lehmann, editor of the fabulous online journal, Quillette. PLUS what is the correct posture for, um, a dick pick?


Men identifying as women are challenging women's sports, women's organizations, women's spaces, and even the very definition of womanhood itself. Feminist Meghan Murphy tells Christina & Danielle how she was banned from Twitter for defending women who didn't want to give a trans woman a bikini wax.

How to Reconnect With Your Kids

The one FREE & best thing you can do for your children to set them up for life. Author Meghan Cox Gurdon reveals the miracle effects of reading aloud. Plus Christina & Danielle debate the new Gillette ad and more.


Did Farrakhan followers and other radicals kill the Women's March? Leah McSweeney discusses her explosive Tablet magazine article on the movement's meltdown. Plus, watch out, it's JanuHairy!

Season 2

Have Yourself a Very PC Christmas & a Woke New Year

Christina & Danielle discuss how we all seem to be getting the holidays wrong in the finale of Season 2.

The Jordan Peterson You Don't Know

The globally bestselling author of "The 12 Rules for Life" reveals to Christina & Danielle the secrets of his long marriage, why dating apps suck, how to handle a belligerent toddler, why his feminist critics are wrong, and more in this podcast recorded before a live audience at the American Enterprise Institute.

Why Are Millennials Having So Little Sex?

The culture has never been more tolerant of every type of sex, but young people are shying away from it. The Atlantic's Kate Julian joins Danielle & Christina to explain this unprecedented trend.

Ep.16: Holiday Onslaught

Christina & Danielle brace for the season of binge drinking PLUS catch up on the most crazy recent #metoo stories and listener feedback.

Ep.15: Friendship in the Age of Partisanship

Pulitzer-prize winning historian Anne Applebaum recounts her losses of friendships over two continents from political extremism. Danielle & Christina explain why they remain her firm BFFs. 

Ep.13: Thanksgiving Survival Guide

From disgusting traditional foods to that crazy uncle, we have you covered. Danielle & Christina entertain guest mansplainer David Sommers on sports, and author Diana Butler Bass on how to be more grateful.

Ep.12: The Happiest Hooker

America's most successful licensed prostitute, Alice Little of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, makes the case for legalized brothels. Meanwhile Christine & Danielle worry about an invasion of sexbots.

Ep.11: Think You're Angry & Have Problems?

The Republican Women for Progress faces the thankless task of trying to bring moderate female voters back to the GOP. Christina and Danielle talk girl politics and more in this special mid-term election podcast.

Ep.10: Moms to the Rescue!

The majority of Americans agree on gun control measures that will prevent massacres and respect the 2nd Amendment. Shannon Watts tells us why it will be mothers who will turn the tide in this deadly debate. Guest femsplainer Meghan Cox Gurdon joins Danielle in this timely pre-election interview.

Ep.9: Take Good Care of My Baby

Has too much screen time and helicopter parenting contributed to an increasingly helpless and depressed new generation of students? Greg Lukianoff, co-author of "The Coddling of the American Mind," mansplains the problem to Danielle & Christina. 

Ep.8: Dog Park Rape Culture (& Other Hoaxes)

Helen Pluckrose reveals to Christina & Danielle how she and two professor colleagues fooled some of the most prestigious academic journals into publishing blatantly silly articles.

Ep.7: Fly-on-the-Wall to History

What happens when a Craig's List ad leads you to a job in the White House? Beck Dorey-Stein, author of the memoir From the Corner of the Oval, reveals to Christina & Danielle what it's really like working for the President.

Ep.6: Animal Houses

Are all-boys schools and frats still breeding grounds for binge drinking and sexual assault? The Atlantic contributor Emily Yoffe & Millennial Mansplainer Nat Frum reveal all to Danielle and guest co-splainer Melinda Sidak.

Ep. 5: We're Having a Theybie!

Sexual neuroscientist Dr. Debra Soh on gender neutral parenting, trendy transsexuals, why women don't commit sex crimes and other sexy issues with Christina and Danielle. 

Ep. 4: Firing Up

The magnificent Margaret Hoover discusses her recent reboot of "Firing Line," the famous TV show hosted by William F. Buckley, with Christina and Danielle -- and what it's like to be a president's great-grandaughter and more.

Ep.3: Lock Them Up

Obsessive fears have created a culture in which children's freedom is now drastically curtailed. Parents who let their kids play outside or walk to school alone face arrest. How did this happen? Kim Brooks, author of "Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear" femsplains to Danielle and guest co-host, Meghan Cox Gurdon.

Ep. 2: Is Til-Death-Do-Us-Part Marriage Dead?

Vicki Larson, co-author of "The New I Do," thinks so. She suggests an array of modern alternatives to romantic sticklers Christina Hoff-Sommers and Danielle Crittenden.

Season 2 Premiere: Reunited & It Feels So Good!

Christina and Danielle catch up on all the news and listeners' questions after a summer apart.

Season 1

Ep. 12: The Magic World of Sally Quinn

Washington's leading hostess of Georgetown cocktail parties is also a serious student of the occult. Christina & Danielle explore both worlds with the famous & fabulous journalist as they discuss Quinn's new memoir, FINDING MAGIC: A Love Story.

Ep. 11: Monsters, Pervs & Bad Boys

Sexual predators come in all types. But should they all be treated the same way? Christina & Danielle explore the dark world of sexual deviancy with The Atlantic's Emily Yoffe.

Ep. 10: Now Take Off Your Clothes

Models face a constant barrage of sexual exploitation, harassment and improper demands. Too often agencies collude with the perps. Where's the fashion industry's #MeToo? Top model Sara Ziff, founder of the Model Alliance, reveals the ugly side of the beauty business to Christina and Danielle. 

Ep. 9: Has Porn Ruined Sex?

Adult film star Chanel Preston reveals all to Christina & Danielle in this fascinating conversation about the effects of porn on us, our lovers, our culture, and our children.

Ep. 8: How Do You Know He/She is the One?

David Frum takes your questions on love and marriage with Christina and his wife of now 30 years, co-host Danielle.

Ep 7: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Discover how life only gets better after age 50, even for us sagging femsplainers! Listen to Christina & Danielle's uplifting discussion with Jonathan Rauch, author of "The Happiness Curve."

Ep. 6: Sex, Drugs & Redemption

Mandy Stadtmiller's long night's journey into day. Join Christina & Danielle in candid conversation with the author of the new book "Unwifeable."

Ep. 5: The Ayaan Hirsi Ali You DON'T Know

An intimate girls' night out with the celebrated champion of Islamic women's rights. (She's also our BFF.) Ayaan Hirsi Ali joins Danielle and Christina for the latest episode of The Femsplainers.

Ep. 4: Is it Okay if I Kiss You?

What's a frat boy to do in the post #metoo era? Millennials Nat & Joe mansplain the answer. And what's a young woman to do with these men? The witty and brilliant Caitlin Flanagan femsplains the way.

Ep. 3: Sex, Lies & Presidents

You won't believe how similar the Clinton/Trump sex scandals are -- and the women who enable them. Recorded before a live audience at the AEI/Ricochet Podcast Summit, Danielle and Christine talk with columnist Mona Charen, author of the forthcoming book "Sex Matters."


Ep. 2: Tina Brown's Vanity Fair Diaries

Tina Brown joins Christina and Danielle on this episode of The Femsplainers. The legendary editor dishes on legends—and how she managed it all.


Ep. 1: The Femsplainers: How We Met and What We Drank

In their debut episode, Christina and Danielle reminisce about how they first met: in a TV studio before a debate with the founder of modern feminism, Betty Friedan. Christina smoked, Danielle did a shot, and Betty lunged at them over the podium. That's when they knew they would be BFFs. Featured cocktail: Kir Royale.


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